Seller’s FAQ

What is the commission that LH Exchange takes?

LHX has a 30% commission fee for each item that is listed on our website.

Does LH Exchange charge any fees to list an item?

There are no fees to list an item on the LH Exchange website. Items are only subject to the standard commission rate once they have sold. However, if the item does not sell, it is simply removed from the website at no cost to the seller.

How is pricing determined?

The LHX customer experience is backed by Leslie Hindman Auctioneers’ three decades of industry expertise. Each item is vetted by our specialists and prices are determined by their expert knowledge in each field, taking into consideration factors such as condition, brand or label, age and what comparable items have sold for.

Are there items in which LH Exchange will not provide a free valuation for?

Unfortunately, we will not provide a free valuation of any item that would sell for less than $300.

If I list my item with LH Exchange, can I also list it on other sites?

No. While your property is offered by LHX, you must agree to not list the property for sale anywhere else online.

Who pays for shipping an item?

The buyer, however the seller is responsible for coordinating shipping with an LHX representative.

Who pays for shipping if my item is returned?

The seller will be responsible for the shipping if the item was in fact misrepresented. If the buyer would like to return the item within the 7 day period, the return shipping is paid for by the buyer.

When and how will I be paid for my sold item?

If the item has been delivered to the buyer, and the 7 day return period has passed, you will be paid on the last day of that month. If the buyer’s 7 day return period has not expired on the last day of the month the item was sold, you will be paid on the last day of the following month. You will receive payment in the form of a check.

Buyer’s FAQ

What forms of payment are accepted?

Credit card and Debit card.

Is my purchase available for in person pick up?

No two items on LH Exchange are the same! Please refer to the product page of each item you are interested in buying or have already purchased. If the item does not have ‘local pickup’ directly below the delivery option, it must be shipped. If the item is available for pick up, the details will be listed below the product details. For example:


Does LH Exchange charge sales tax?

You will be required to pay all applicable taxes. LHX charges sales tax if your item is being shipped to Illinois, Colorado, Missouri, Florida or Wisconsin.

How long will it take to receive my items?

LH Exchange works with a premier shipping company to coordinate shipping. You will receive updates from the shipping company throughout the duration of the shipment. The shipping time varies depending on such factors as the location of the seller and the buyer. Please contact an LHX representative here for additional information or updates.

What if my item is damaged?

The 7 day return period gives you time to verify that the item is as it was described in the associated product listing, and to report any damage that may have occurred to the item while in transit. If the item has damage that was not documented or is not the item that was described in your purchase, you may return the item for a full refund of the total sale price, which includes the original shipping, and LHX will pay for the return shipping.

What happens if I have received the item I bought and it is not as it was listed online?

LHX has a 7 day return policy if you believe the item has been misrepresented. Please click here to contact an LHX representative.

What is the LHX return policy?

LHX has a 7 day return policy. If you have selected local pick up, you have 7 business days after the order has been placed. If the items are picked up after the 7 day period, LHX cannot be held responsible for anything that may happen in storage. If the purchase is being shipped you have 7 business days from the date of the delivery.

General FAQ

If I have an online account with Leslie Hindman Auctioneers, do I need a new account with LH Exchange?

Yes, LHX does not share client information with Leslie Hindman Auctioneers and therefore you will need a separate online account. To begin your registration, click here.

What if I have more than a few items or a large collection?

If you are managing an estate or a large collection, please contact us here to discuss your needs. We regularly offer featured collections on our site.

What is a Featured Collection?

A Featured Collection is a single owner’s estate or collection that is entirely handled by LH Exchange. The consignor works directly with the specialists to curate the property and list it on the LHX website. For further information, please contact us here.

Can I buy or sell on LH Exchange if I am located outside of the United States?

In certain cases, LH Exchange may be able to facilitate international shipments. Please contact an LHX representative to help coordinate an international sale or purchase here.

Thank you for consigning with LH Exchange.

Leslie Hindman Auctioneers recently appointed Thomas Galbraith as Chief Executive Officer. During this transition, LH Exchange will go through a restructure and rebrand. We will continue accepting consignments for Leslie Hindman Auctioneers and will notify you when LH Exchange reopens for consignment. If you have an existing consignment, we are removing it from the platform and we will notify you if your items are suitable for an upcoming auction. If you would like to have your item returned, we will assist you.

Thank you again for consigning with LH Exchange and we look forward to working with you again in the future.